Plotting a graph with two series obtained by using crosstalk::filter_select on two different datasets

Hello RStudio community,

It is the first time I post a question so sorry in advance for any mistakes I migth make.

I am working in a Rmarkdown document in which I am trying to use crosstalk to create a ggplot2 graph with two series each displaying data coming from different shareddata object. The idea is to compare graphically the data of two datasets that contain a X and Y variables (to be plotted) and some other classification variables whose value will be selected through the filter_select function of crosstalk.

Here is a reprex with the mcars dataset. While I manage to get it to work when the two series are plotted in different graphs (Alternative 1), I do not manage to combine them succesfully into a single graph (Alternative 2). When I do that, the second serie seem to overwrite the first one and the behaviour of the filters is not the one I would expect. Initially all data is displayed but selecting a value on the filter1 make it dissapear and after that only filter2 seems to do something on the graph.

Am I not understanding the behaviour of the sharedata objects correctly? Is it not possible to combine two series on the same plot when using filters? Thank you for your help.



# Initial data
mtcars1 <- mtcars %>%
  filter (vs==0) %>%
  select (mpg, wt, cyl)

mtcars2 <- mtcars %>%
  filter (vs==1) %>%
  select (mpg, wt, cyl)

# Shared obbjects for crosstalk filters
sd1 <- SharedData$new(mtcars1, group="group1")
sd2 <- SharedData$new(mtcars2, group="group2")

filter1 <- list(
  crosstalk::filter_select("cyl","Cylinders:", sd1, ~cyl, multiple=FALSE)

filter2 <- list(
  crosstalk::filter_select("cyl2","Cylinders:", sd2, ~cyl, multiple=FALSE)

# Alternative 1:
# Each series in a different plot - It works fine, but it is not what i am after
g1 <- ggplot2::ggplot(sd1) +
  geom_point(aes(x=mpg, y=wt), color="red") +
  theme_minimal() +
  labs (title="Graph1", x="mpg", y="wt")
gg1 <- ggplotly(g1)

g2 <- ggplot2::ggplot(sd2) +
  geom_point(aes(x=mpg, y=wt), color="green") +
  theme_minimal() +
  labs (title="Graph2", x="mpg", y="wt")
gg2 <- ggplotly(g2)


# Alternative 2:
# Both series in the same plot - It does not work, only the second serie is displayed
g <- ggplot2::ggplot() +
  geom_point(data=sd1, aes(x=mpg, y=wt), color="red") +
  geom_point(data=sd2, aes(x=mpg, y=wt), color="green") +
  theme_minimal() +
  labs (title="Graph comparison", x="mpg", y="wt")

gg <- ggplotly(g)


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