Plots are incorrect

Hi guys! Have a problem: plots in R studio are very small and wide, example is on the screen. If this problem was resolved early, share link with me please, i cannot find nothing at Google. Code is not mine, some exercises on Coursera, so I don't know, what's inside. Thanks!

P.S. usial plots are normal, the problem is just with that task


It's a bit hard without having the source code but I can make a couple of suggestions :sweat_smile:

For multiple plots i.e. 2 x 2 grid you can run:

par( mfrow = c(2,2) )

and this will set the window pane design.

and an example: = 7, height = 5, unit="in")
plot(1:25) = 500, height = 350, unit = "px")

The latter is a more recent example which might not work if you have an R version < 4.0.0

  • if you post your source code I can try and resolve it for you.

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