Plots and graphs not ordered as coded upon .pdf knit...

Hello all,
So, having what seems to be a solved problem (as referenced by "joels" in this thread here: Can't control position of tables and figures in knitted pdf document - #2 by jdb), however, when following his instruction to create the .tex file and coding it into the YAML header under the .pdf output, the project starts knitting....gets all the way to the end (81 chunks in this DAR!), and then I get this red error message:

"File my_header.tex not found in resource path
Error: pandoc document conversion failed with error 99
Execution halted"

Are there any other ways to just add something to each chunk, as opposed to this global setting I just can't seem to figure out, to get it to stick in place on knit, relative to the text in the report as I'd hoped and planned for? Only does this erratic placement with .pdf knits.

Here are the current packages installed if this helps at all:
Packages <- c("tidyverse", "readxl", "lubridate","ggplot2", "ggridges", "skimr","here","janitor","psych","SimDesign")

Thank you all!

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