plotly text to utf-8 encoding

I face with the following problem: I have a regional dataset from eurostat and I want to visualize it via ggplotly. However, plotly cannot manage the names of regions where utf-8 encoding would be requered. Is there a way to solve it?
I encolse a pic about the issue
Thank you for help in advance,

Do you know what encoding the Eurostat data uses?

I have never used plotly so I a poor help but can I suggest a couple of things to help people here approach the problem.

We need your actual code and some sample data---if it is publicly available a link to the Eurostat dataset would probably be best.

Have a look at either


for some suggestions.

A very simple and very effective way to supply some data is to use the dput() command.


and then simply copy the output and paste it here. If you have a very large data set then a sample should be fine. To supply us with 100 rows of your data set do

dput(head(mydata , 100))

where mydata is the name of your dataframe or tibble

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