Plotly: set_credentials_file("your user name" "your credentials) does not work

I was following the Plotly documentation that was provided (MS Word format) in the blog (Redirecting…) , and when I came to a section on "set credentials_file", it provided an error message that said "set_credentials_file" could not find function "set_credentials_file". I couldn't find anything (at first glance) on "set_credentials_file" or "set_credentials".

Per the official plotly docs, the proper way to register your credentials/username and API key is with:


You may want to file an issue/contact the author of the tutorial you were following to see if he meant something else. set_credentials_file() is not a function with which I'm familiar. It's possible there's a helper function created in the tutorial, but I didn't do a very close reading. I'd go with the official docs.

Thanks, Mara!

I’m running into another problem, which is, I was trying out demo(). Somehow, when I got to the demo(hclColor), there was an example window that appeared. I closed it. The cursor ended up in white space rather than with a “>”. I can’t close RStudio to even try what you suggest.

I have recently rebooted my machine to give me a clean start. This “demo” error appeared after I rebooted.

Mike Mazarick

PS – here’s a picture of me playing saxophone. I’m the white guy. Yes, that is Joey DeFrancesco on trumpet. We both mainly play Hammond B3, but Joey is MUCH better at it than I am.

Hi Mike,

No clue what the other issue could be. Sounds like something weird with the IDE, so you might want to look through related issues there and/or open a new thread in the IDE category if you can't find anything.

Dear Mike, apologies for your difficulty, I think the problem here is that I originally wrote that in 2015 and things moved on without me noticing. I imagine you have followed Maras good advice on following the latest documentation. I would add that the usethis package by Hadley Wickham and Jenny Bryan provides a way to store these kinds of values either in your R profile or environment file. This makes storing credentials for future use a lot easier and safer.


The help pages for usethis are good. Guess I will go back and fix that post. Best, Paul

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