Plotly plot showing in viewer pane instead of R notebook

When I was still using R 3.4, and made interactive plots with Plotly, the plot printed properly under the code chunk that produced it inside the R notebook. However, ever since I upgraded to R 3.5, the Plotly plot prints in the viewer pane inside RStudio instead of inside the R notebook. The plot also does not show up in the html notebook. The plot is correct and interaction still works properly for both 2D and 3D plots, and no error or warning messages are generated. Is there something I can do to fix this problem or is this something about R 3.5? I'm using the newest version of Plotly, RStudio version 1.1.447 on MacOS High Sierra.

Any way you can turn this issue into a minimal reprex .Rmd?.

This is a known bug related to how some changes in R 3.5.0 affect some of RStudio’s magic :sparkles:, and it looks like a patch should be out soon. See here for more info:

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