Plot zoom is not working properly anymore

Hi all

Since Version 2023.12.0-369 the zoom function is not working properly anymore.
Up to version 2023.09.1-494 it worked fine.
When zooming a plot, the new window opens as always, but the resolution does not get adjusted anymore, even though the width and height settings in the URL seem to be adequate.
In version 2023.12.1-402 it was better again, because then I could just reopen the zoom window several times and after a few trials the resolution got displayed correctly.
But now with version 2024.04.0-735 that doesn't work anymore again.

What is the matter here?

My system:
RStudio Edition : Server
RStudio Version : 2023.12.0-369, 2024.04.0-735
OS Version : Linux (Ubuntu Jammy)
R Version : 4.4.0

I'm not sure how different RStudio is from OS to OS, but here's a workaround: If instead of Zoom, you select Export > Save as Image, you get the same effect and you can resize the window to scale the plot to the size you like. And if you don't want to save the image, just click cancel.

Interestingly, I have just discovered that it is a browser specific issue.
On Chromium it works just fine.
But not on Firefox.