Plot Unit root test - Ljung-Box statistic over the residuals

I want to build a graphic looking like that one:

Therefore I used ARIMA to model the Data. Attached you will find the code I am currently working with. But I don't know how to assign the values to the matrix and how to plot the p-values afterwards. It as well tells me:
"Error in ljung_mat[i, ] <- print(c(i, box$p.value)) :
Number of elements to be replaced is not a multiple of the replacement length "

Thank you for your help.
Kind regards

n2 = length(train)
ljung_mat <- matrix(0, nrow=(n2), ncol=1)
       for(i in 1:n2)   
         box<-(Box.test(finalarima$residuals, lag=i, type="Ljung-Box")) 
         ljung_mat[I,] <- print(c(i, box$p.value))

Can you try ljung_mat[i,] <- box$p.value ?

It says:
Error in [<-(*tmp*, i, , value = box$p.value) :
Indexing outside the limits

I am not sure what goes wrong on your side.
But generating some test data in variabele x this works for me :

x = rnorm(50)
n2 = length(x)
ljung_mat <- matrix(0, nrow = (n2), ncol = 1)

for (i in 1:n2)
  box <- 
      lag = i,
      type = "Ljung-Box")
  ljung_mat[i, ] <- box$p.value 


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Thank you that works perfectly now! :slight_smile:

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