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Hi, I've been using the package econullnetr to analyze a pollination network which includes 175 plants. I used the following code to plot the preferences:

plot_preferences(null.G, "Centris decolorata", signif.level = 0.95, style= "dots", type = "counts", xlab = "Num. of visits", p.cex = 1.2, lwd = 2)

The plots are too dense given there's a long list of connections. Is there a function I could use to divide the preference plot in two limiting the amount of plant species in each one?

Thank you!

Yes, create new null.G objects along the following lines

null.1 <- generate_null_net(WelshStreams[, 2:9], WelshStreams.prey[, 2:8],
  sims = 10, c.samples = WelshStreams[, 1],
  r.samples = WelshStreams.prey[, 1]

Changed from the example in help("plot_preferences"). However,
the data in your object make for a poor visualization even if the number of plants is reduced to a legible level. This is because almost all are either 1.0 or approximately 0.5? A table would be more legible and more comprehensible.

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Thank you for the feedback!

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