Plot multiple stock prices in one single plot

Hello everyone. I have a problem when trying to plot several stock prices in one single plot like the following plot.

However, it returns an error and I cannot fix it. Could anyone help me with it? Really appreciate it.


start = as.Date("2013-01-01") 
end = as.Date("2022-12-01")

symbols <- getSymbols(c("AAPL", "GOOGL", "MSFT","META", "AMZN"), src = "yahoo", from = start, to = end)

apple <- getSymbols(c("AAPL"), src = "yahoo", from = start, to = end)

stocks = as.xts(data.frame(A = AAPL[, "AAPL.Adjusted"], 
                           B = GOOGL[, "GOOGL.Adjusted"], 
                           C = MSFT[, "MSFT.Adjusted"], 
                           D = AMZN[, "AMZN.Ajusted"],
                           E = META[,"META.Adjusted"]))

names(stocks) = c("Apple", "Google", "Microsoft","Meta", "Amazon")
index(stocks) = as.Date(index(stocks))

stocks_series = tidy(stocks) %>% 
  ggplot(aes(x=index,y=value, color=series)) +
  labs(title = "Big Five Tech Companies: Daily Stock Prices January 2013 - Dec 2022",
       subtitle = "End of Day Adjusted Prices",
       caption = " Source: Yahoo Finance") +
  xlab("Date") + ylab("Price") +
  scale_color_manual(values = c("Red", "Black", "DarkBlue","Orange", "Green"))+

I can't run this currently because the API is timing out. However, it appears that the quoted code block is referring to objects not in namespace, the five stock symbols to be subset for use in creating the variables in the data frame to be used as the argument to as.xts haven't been created.

Thanks and this problem has been solved since I had a typo on my code for AMZN[, "AMZN.Adjusted"]

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