plot_interactive_ROC() for decreasing classifier

I would like to plot an interactive ROC curve but for data where a decreasing value for a marker (m) increases the likelihood of disease (d). I have followed the general workflow described ( ) and can successfully generate the ROC curve and make it interactive, but the usual traceability/clickability for the curve seems to stay mapped onto a non-existent curve that would exist if the marker had the typical increasing pattern. Any suggestions for workarounds?

Note: I have used

  • geom_roc(increasing = FALSE)

in generating the ROC curve, the issue is not in generating the curve but getting the traceability to function properly.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @samspier,
Would you mind posting the R code you have to generate the problematic ROC curve? Also include enough (doesn't have to be all of it) data to re-create the problem on my machine.

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