Plot() does only show Residuals vs. Fitted, but not other diagnostic plots; par(mfrow=c(2,2)) already applied

Hi everybody

I want to get diagnostic plots for a multilevel linear model I conducted with the lme function.
When I apply the plot() or plot.lme() function, only the Residuals vs Fitted plot is shown. I am specially interested in getting the Scale-Location plot too, but I cant find it.

I have already applied the command par(mfrow=c(2,2)) which would make that four diagnostic plots are shown, but still only one is showing up and I can't find the others. Does anyone have a suggestion what might be wrong?

Thanks for your help and have a nice day!

Could you please turn this into a self-contained reprex (short for reproducible example)? It will help us help you if we can be sure we're all working with/looking at the same stuff.


If you've never heard of a reprex before, you might want to start by reading the help page. The reprex dos and don'ts are also useful.

What to do if you run into clipboard problems

If you run into problems with access to your clipboard, you can specify an outfile for the reprex, and then copy and paste the contents into the forum.

reprex::reprex(input = "fruits_stringdist.R", outfile = "")

For pointers specific to the community site, check out the reprex FAQ, linked to below.