Plot customized venn diagram for variance partitioning


I have done variance partitioning with four groups of variables and now try to plot the results in a venn diagram using ggplot or other packages. So I already have all fractions to be displayed and only want to draw it - but I can only find packages such as ggVennDiagram where list of data are used for calculating the fractions first. Do you know any package where the values of each fraction can be changed manually? In the ggVennDiagramm there is some kind of function called "VennPlotData", but I can't find a detailed description of it.

This function of vegan shows the plot I'm looking for and I already calculated all fractions [a] - [o]

I would be very happy for any information!

add your labels to this;

my_data <- scales::comma(c((1:15)/100,.2),accuracy = 0.01)
vegan::showvarparts(4,labels = my_data)
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