plot confusion matrix - where did I see an example from Max Kuhn/ tidymodels?

Hi all,

I saw a great example of a confusion matrix plot that was visually informative (cells were scaled by number of observations). I think the text recommended showing confusion matrices as a few different cutoffs. I would love to find this example but I'm stumped!

I thought this was in a book (a bookdown page) rather than in tidymodels documentation, but I don't see it in Feature Engineering & Selection anywhere, but I really thought it was written by Max Kuhn. A search of tidymodels came up empty as well. Has anybody seen this and can point me to it?


Sorry for the unnecessary post! Once I posted, I found it in Feature Engineering & Selection. "mosaic plots" (implemented in yardstick, though this example in FES was what I was looking for)

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