Please I am having issues creating an interactive map with the dataset below

The map I created isn't interactive and its not showing color as expected.

This is the dataset.

# give state boundaries a white border
l <- list(color = toRGB("Yellow"), width = 2, set="2")
# specify some map projection/options
g <- list(
  scope = 'world',
  projection =list(type="production_countries"),
  showlakes = TRUE,
  lakecolor = toRGB('Green')
fig <- replacement %>% filter(! %>% plot_geo(locationmode = "Continent") %>% 
  add_trace(z = ~sum,
            locations = ~production_countries,
            color = ~sum,
            text = ~ label_text,
fig <- fig %>% colorbar(title="color")
figA<- fig%>% layout(
  title = "Distribution of film production by countries",
  geo = g
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This is the code used

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For interactive plots in general one can use plotly, but for interactive maps I would recommend leaflet.
Hope this helps,

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