Please Help with dblm()

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope everyone is well and healthy. This is my first post to the Rstudio community and I was wondering if someone could please help me

I am trying to do a Distance Based Linear Model using the dblm() function as a result I am to follow the Distance-based linear model R documentation and am trying to do this format (as recommended by my supervisor)
S3 method for class 'dist'

As a result, I am doing the code up above but I keep getting this error, I have tried looking it look up to no avail as a result if someone could please help me that would be greatly appreciated.

Please note that because my data set had a non-numeric argument I was forced (because I am not too familiar with Rstudio) to make two data sets/frames.

The first was to create distance metric Modified_Mapping which I have attached as a google sheet link

The second dataframe named Practice_STATS contains the original along with other columns was used during my dblm() and was used to obtain my response variable faith_pd

If more information is needed most defiantly let me know and thank you very much in advance for the help and assistance it is much appreciated

Thank you very much

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