Please help me with factors in R and data

I have a problem, I have been trying for a day to find some syntax or script that helps me how to process my data.
I have 5 columns
"EXTRACT" "concentration" "species" "strains" "halo"
"EXTRACT" is a factor that contains "Piper" "Equisetum" "Bixa"
"Concentration" is a factor that contains "200" "400" "600" "800" "1000", "Concentration" is related to "EXTRACT", for example, "Piper" has the concentrations "200" "400" " 600 "" 800 "" 1000 ", same for" Equisetum "and" Bixa "
Likewise, each concentration, has in "strains" 3 factors that are "1", "2" and "3" thus in this way the concentration "200" has strains "1", "2" and "3", and for each strain there are 5 data.
My problem is that I do not know how to process this table, this data is from an experiment to evaluate the effect of a plant extract on a bacterium, the extract is used in 5 concentrations and each concentration is used in 3 different strains of the bacterium Each strain has 5 data points ("halo") because each confrontation between the extract and the bacterial strain must be repeated 5 times.
I do not know how to make RStudio process the information giving me the average of the halos classifying them according to strain, concentration and extract.
I hope I have been understood, sorry for the inconvenience, thank you


         EXTRACT,concentration,strains) %>%

Thanks, greetings from Peru
the command worked perfectly

Previously I tried with this command
group by (DF, EXTRACT)%>% group_by (concentration)%>% group_by (strains)%>% summarize (mean_halo = mean (halo, na.rm = TRUE))
if it wasn't too much of a hassle, could you explain to me why it didn't work out
Thank you

Each time you use group by you change the groups
I.e. you only grouped by strains

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