Please help me. My Rstudio stopped working and I couldn't figure out why

I've used Rstudio on my MacBook in the past to Sweave document and create Rmarkdown document. I haven't used it for couple months, now I just attended the Rstudio conference workshop and I found out that my Rstudio stopped working.

The exact problem I had was if I click New file -> R Markdown, then this spinning wheel shows up with a message "R markdown..."

And this takes forever and nothing happens.

Then I have to force quit Rstudio.

If I click New File -> Shiny Web App, then the same thing, a spinning wheel with a message "Checking installed packages..." which goes on forever and I have to force quit again. 20%20PM

Things I have tried to fix this:

  1. I updated my MacBook to the latest update on system
  2. I downloaded and re-installed the newest version of R and Rstudio.

Any advice is welcome.
I've learned so much at the Rstudio 2018 workshop and I really hope that I can try these on my laptop, so please help me to fix this problem.

Hi. How exactly did you launch the IDE?

Could this potentially be a network connectivity issue? RStudio will attempt to make a web request to the CRAN servers to figure out whether your current package is 'current', and to see what version is available on CRAN.

Hey, I just launch it with from the application. Still having this problem even after I got a new mackbook. Can someone help me?

Hi, were you able to solve the problem?