Please explain the difference between RStudio Cloud, RStudio Connect, and

I'm struggling to understand what products I should be using. Is there somewhere I can get the comparison between these products (and any others I may have missed)


My quick take:

  • is a handy tool to quickly deploy your shiny apps on the web. More details at There's a free version, so no risks to try it out.
  • RStudio Connect is a publishing platform to share stuff created with R. Think about enterprises/institutions with many users -- data scientist and consumers of data products -- publishing a lot -- reports, plots, dashboards -- and you have issues around authentication, security, scheduling, etc. RStudio connect streamlines all this. More details about RStudio connect.
  • (very much alpha as of Feb 2018!) is currently, basically, rstudio-server hosted by rstudio. It's being tested with big stats classes at the moment, and has a lot of potential to be very useful to data scientists.

@EconomiCurtis' answer was good. There's also a table you might find useful here: Scroll to the bottom. It compares different ways to deploy things you've created with R (shiny apps, r markdown outputs, APIs,...) including and RStudio Connect. As Curtis said, is different - it's the RStudio IDE - but if you have a account you can use those credentials to try out