pkgdown: want to disable autolink in a line of roxygen

I am getting an autolink where I do not want one and do not know how to disable it. I list formula name and equation in roxygen and this comes out fine in the Help screen. And it comes out fine in the pkgdown but, because of the sqrt function, the line is turned into a link; I would like it to be text like the other equations.
Thanks for any suggestions you can provide. Note: I want to avoid LaTex, for now!


Is your package available, so that we can see this?

It is the "admiral" package, which is recently on CRAN.

I cannot reproduce this with pkgdown 2.0.2.

It took me a bit of work but I managed to make use of pkgdown 2.0.2 and confirm your finding: there is no link created in the sqrt line. I don't know why this works and will raise it with the package maintainer. Many thanks!

Maybe I am missing something, but what is it to report, if it works as expected with the latest version of pkgdown?

Sorry, I was not clear. I meant that I will discuss this with the package maintainer of the admiral package! The admiral package specifies that it wants pkgdown 1.5.0.

Noting that this behavior was fixed by downlit 4.0 downlit/ at main · r-lib/downlit · GitHub (via Autolink should only apply to bare function calls · Issue #82 · r-lib/downlit · GitHub)

Inline calls with arguments (e.g. foo(1, 2) ) are no longer auto-linked, as intended and documented (#82).

So it's not directly due to pkgdown. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Gabor and Maelle: many thanks for your help with this!

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