pkgdown site can't be rendered on Github Page


I used pkgdown to help build my website, and it rendered successfully on my local machine. But when I push it to Github, it throws me a 404 error. Could anybody help me solve this issue? (here is the link). Thanks!

You are asking for a release + dev site here:

and so far you only deployed the dev site:

See the pkgdown manual: Build a complete pkgdown website — build_site • pkgdown

Thank you @Gabor, you are always very helpful.

A quick follow-up question: mode: release means the site for the released package, and mode : devel is for the development package, right?

I don't completely understand your question, sorry.

This option sets where the site is built, in docs or docs/dev, and how the navbar is colored. You have now auto and with version this means it is built in docs/dev.

If you want to have a single site, set it to release. See the docs for the detailed explanation.

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