pkgdown not working with GitHub Pages and Actions

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use pkgdown to create a simple website for my pseudo-package. I have been following to create my website, but I am getting Action errors, which you can see in my Actions section. Could some one, please, help me? At one point, I did get an error message asking me to create a Github token?

Take care,
D. Erik

The error message:

  ! error in pak subprocess
  Caused by error: 
  ! Could not solve package dependencies:
  * deps::.: Can't install dependency activpalProcessing
  * activpalProcessing: Can't find package called activpalProcessing.

means that pak cannot find the package activpalProcessing, and that is because it was removed from CRAN: CRAN - Package activpalProcessing

If you want to still use it for your pkgdown site, you can try to add

Remotes: activpalProcessing@1.0.2

to your repo's DESCRIPTION. You won't be able to publish your package on CRAN, though, with one of its dependencies removed from CRAN.

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Thank you, Gabor, for your help! I made the change you suggested and everything worked as it should.

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