pkgdown gh-action build fails with non-exported functions and index file

Hi - I used pkdown::use_pkgdown_github_pages() to initialize a workflow for my pkg website. Now the build fails with the error:
Error: Topics missing from index: xxxxxxxx (xxxxxx is a non-exported function which is why its missing from index).
I previously build the pkgdown-site locally and deployed through /docs which threw the same info but as a warning not an error, thus did not fail.
How can I 'force' the workflow to build the site even if two non-exported functions are missing from the index?
I googled a lot but could not find a solution - thanks for any inputs!

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If you see this for a non-exported function, that's a bug in pkgdown. Can you share your package?

Thanks @Gabor - I am not a pkg-dev-expert but I understood if I removed the @export tag from the roxygen-docu it will not show in NAMESPACE - per this definition I think these functions are non-exported.

This is the workflow fail: update to fix stuff · INS-Basel/hsrtools@b83fa42 · GitHub

answ_freq_table and ggStackfreq have manual pages, even though they are not exported. pkgdown creates the reference manual from the manual pages. If you want to omit some pages from the reference manual, you can add @keywords internal to them. Then pkgdown will not accept that they won't be in the manual.

Internal functions in R packages - R-hub blog has a more detailed explanation.

Once internal section still errors · Issue #1958 · r-lib/pkgdown · GitHub is fixed there will be another way to omit manual pages from the pkgdown reference.


thank you so much @Gabor for your answer and looking into this!

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