pkgdown and pre-compiled html articles


I have a package for which I want to compile a pkgdown site - everything works as expected.

But I have to include some html reports in the page as articles, which can not be re-created. How can I add these static html documents as articles (or reports?) to the pkgdown site?

I tried using bit they are not included.

Any suggestions how I can achieve this?

No ideas? Not possible?

You could try using the as_is feature for articles. This vignette has an example yaml header.

If you embed HTML directly, it will be parsed as markdown by pandoc. This issue has some workarounds to that problem.

If I read correctly, this does not use the default pkgdown template for compiling, but the one specified in the .rmd yaml matter.

But I only have the already compiled .html documents which I can not re-create.

So I do not see, how this could work in my case?

You could also use htmltools::includeHTML() in a Rmd code chunk.

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