Permutations of permutations


I have the following code creating all "paths" from and to a to g and g to a which gives us 42 permutations.

x <- c(

df_permutations <- gtools::permutations(n = length(x),
                                        r = 2,
                                        v = x,
                                        set = TRUE,
                                        repeats.allowed = FALSE) %>%

names(df_permutations) <- c("source","target")

I now want to create permutations that vary where 2 or more permutations are selected from the created set df_permutations and all those are then listed or saved into a list object (whatever works easiest).

Thus, I should have a run where only a to b is on and one where all 42 are also selected etc. I can't seem to put in a varying value for "r" unless I loop and add it together. Is this the best way of going about this?

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