Permissions required to access Application Logs


Can anyone point me to the documentation which describes what is required in order to have access to the Logs tab on RStudio-Connect.
My guess is Admin or Owner but I can't find anything definitive.


Hey @PaulH ! And welcome to Community! Apologies it took us so long to respond here!

To access the application logs for a piece of content on Connect, a few things must be true:

  • The content needs to have logs (i.e. logs will not be shown for static content types)
  • Either the user is an administrator or they are a "collaborator" on the report's "access controls."

("collaborator" includes the owner) :smile:

(NOTE: in order to be a collaborator, the user has to be a "Publisher" role. But being a publisher is not sufficient)

I hope that helps!

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Thanks Cole,

That's great. For a bit more context I've inherited a server where the line between Publisher and Admin was not well understood and so have many users with elevated privileges. I need to get this locked down, but obviously need to ensure that we have processes that continue to work. Hence I'm needing to do quite a bit of digging into the privileges before making breaking changes. I would say that the documentation could be a bit friendlier (more explicit) in this area but it may be that I'm not looking in the right place or reading it in the correct way. I have to admit to cherry picking due to restricted time available for this work.


That makes sense! Thanks for the background Paul!! We will definitely take a look to see if we can make the role line a bit clearer!

Just as an FYI - if building your own reporting to get a picture of this would be useful, the connectapi package has some functions (get_content_permissions(), get_users(limit = Inf), etc.) that could be helpful to this end! Let us know if you have any other questions or things we can help with! If you prefer another language (python, js, etc.), the API docs themselves are public as well (although the docs specific for your Connect install / version are hosted locally too under the "Documentation" tab).

There are also some example reports here:

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