Permissions issue

Hi there,

For some reason my R Studio keeps turning up the following error message, which runs an erroneous source from an old file I was trying to use. It seems I don't have permissions, but I'm running R Studio as an administrator on my Windows. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Warning messages:
1: In file.remove(activeRStudioDoc) :
cannot remove file '~/.active-rstudio-document', reason 'Permission denied'
2: In close.connection(con) :
Problem closing connection: Bad file descriptor

What is the output of:

home <- path.expand("~")
file.access(home, 0)
file.access(home, 1)
file.access(home, 2)
file.access(home, 4)

It seems to me the issue is most likely permission-related but it's hard to say why this could happen.

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