Permission settings on a (Ubuntu) R Shiny Server

I've recently taken over managing a small Ubuntu server running R Studio Pro and Shiny Server Pro. Developers use this server for running R, creating Shiny apps and sharing them with the rest of the company. linux skills are limited, so this is probably a really basic question:

Typical workflow goes like this: Alice creates an app in a subfolder of her home folder, tests that everything is working, and then publishes the app by copying the folder to srv/shiny-server. If more than one person is working on the app, they collaborate via git. So far, so good. My issues arises when Alice has published a first version of the app, and Bob then later publishes a newer version by copying his files to the same folder in srv/shiny-server. The folder, and everything in it, is owned by Alice, so Bob will get a 'permission denied'. What the generic, best-practice version for handling this? User groups? Giving all devs sudo rights? (Probably not...) Ideally, both Alice and Bob will be allowed to create/edit/delete in the app folder, and users of the app (i.e. the 'shiny' user) should have enough permissions to actually run the app, but not mess around with files in the folder. Any pointers in the right direction will be really helpful!

I would pull the app from GitHub on srv/shiny-server instead of manually copying, maybe with sudo to have a common owner.

Also, you can create a "shiny-apps" group, add the publishers to that group and give write permissions to the group.

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