Permission denied when trying to change the wd or uploading a csv

Hi all,

I am trying to upload a csv file to posit but I keep getting the same Permission Denied error. I also tried to change to wd to see if that'd solve it, but the same error pops up. I have found some suggestions with running R as administrator but not sure if I can do that when I use Posit in my browser.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Hi welcome to the forum. For a new user loading a file can be maddening but it is probably not to difficult to cure the problem.

How are you trying to lad the file ? Please explain or give us the code you are using..

Are you trying to load the file from your hard drive or somewhere else?

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Thank you! I was actually able to figure it out. The file was located on my C drive. After creating a new folder in the cloud I was able to upload and load the file after changing the working directory.

Thank you again!

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