Permanently change math renderer of Quarto Presentation

I am using the latest release of RStudio (2023.12.1+422) on an M1 Mac with macOS 14.3.1. I have the following simple Quarto presentation:

title: "PSY9511: Seminar 4"
format: revealjs

## Ridge Regression

Recall linear regression

$$y = \beta_{0} + \sum_{j=1}^{p} x_{j} \beta_{j} + \epsilon$$

Estimates $\hat{\beta}_{j}$ obtained by minimizing

$$\text{RSS} = \sum_{i=1}^{n}\left(y_{i} - \beta_{0} - \sum_{j=1}^{p} x_{ij}\beta_{j}\right)^{2}$$

When I render it, and show the output in the Presentation tab in RStudio, the math is visible, but not as nice as one would expect. I have figured out that I can fix this by right-clicking one of the equations, and then Math Settings --> Math Renderer and then choosing "Common HTML" instead of the default with is "HTML-CSS". Then it works fine, but whenever I recompile the presentation the math renderer jumps back to "HTML-CSS", and the math does not look nice anymore. See attached screenshot.

My question is: Is there a way I can permanently set the math renderer to "Common HTML" in the RStudio viewer?

I believe this needs to be set by configuring MathJax : MathJax Output Formats — MathJax 3.2 documentation

I think it should be possible, but it may require updating of the default in the revealjs format

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