periodize Round datetime

The periodize function is used in this link.
There is a separate package called "periods" or "Period" or something ??
In which package could I find the function?
my intention is to reproduce the example:

x<-"2012-05-30 20:41:21 UTC"
(idt <- IDateTime(x))
(idate <- idt$idate)
(itime <- idt$itime)

ip_posix = as.POSIXct(periodize(idate, itime, "mins", 15), tz="UTC")
ip = periodize(idate, itime, "mins", 15)

to be


Hi @Hermes,
Some documentation for that function is here:
and it looks like it was to be part of data.table but its not included.
Maybe try contacting the author (or use lubridate).

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