Performing ANOVA with NA values

Hey! I am trying to perform a two-way ANOVA from a dataset which contains NA values in the factor used for the comparison. I used na.omit to remove the lines containing NA values, but I still get the following error:

NA, NaN and Inf can all cause computations to fail, but for different reasons, some of which involve operations on data that don't contain NA at all

0 + 0 # OK
#> [1] 0
0 - 0 # OK
#> [1] 0
0 * 0 # OK
#> [1] 0
0 / 0 # Not a number
#> [1] NaN
mean(c(1,NA)) # NA
#> [1] NA
1 + NA # NA, missingness
#> [1] NA
1/0   # Infinity
#> [1] Inf
1 + NULL # nothingness
#> numeric(0)

Created on 2023-03-20 with reprex v2.0.2

Thanks for your answers. I have had no issues with this dataset before and have performed other analyses; is there any way for me to find out what is causing the issue and bypass it?

There may be, but it will be hard to find help here without a reprex. See the FAQ without representative data that behaves as the data you are using.

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