Performance Shiny apps Rstudio Connect - time to load

We are experiencing perfomance issues on our applications.

We are running rstudio connect in a docker container which has a limit of ram of 16gb. But are applications time to load is taking to long which runtime metrics can I best set


What can we do in order to improve performance for our applications ?

Hi, can you elaborate on which aspect takes a long time to load? Is it when a new app process is started (blank page, waiting for shiny to connect) or the app is running (shiny connected) and there are data being loaded into memory (like if you had a large query in the server portion of your app). I have always referred to this article, particularly the guidelines section at the bottom. Which settings to tune depends on multiple factors of your app, and where you are willing to compromise.

The problem is that either way, for the first person on the app if no one is using it then it will still take time to load up. Additionally, once we’re in the app there are some pages that take far too long to load. Our issue is not managing a lot of people (so we don’t need max 20 people per process, and this is why I set the load factor to 0 so everyone is spread over the processes, so they don’t disturb anyone else when they run the model), it is managing the user experience of the likely 1-2 people on the app at any one time.

I'm having same issue. I thought it was our internet provider the problem, but now that I read this, it might be related. We have our shinyapps and some users, today they are reporting problems

Consider using profvis to profile your app to understand what parts of it are slow, and to let you think how it might be improved.

Is there also a tool to investigate the load time online ?

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