Performance Issues

Performance Issue Update

We have significantly improved create and open times for projects while the system is under heavy load. We will continue to monitor the system and are working on further improving overall system performance. Thank you for your patience as we tracked down and removed the bottleneck in the system.

Original Issue

We were experiencing intermittent performance issues with RStudio Cloud. Under heavy load (i.e. when many people are using the system), it could have taken 5 minutes (or more) to create or load a project.

Hi Robby, I loaded three fairly substantial projects yesterday and timed how long it before I could enter code on the console. Two took around 10 minutes and one on machine learning took 20 minutes. I may have caused problems for myself as that one had some install.packages commands at the top and the first thing I did after uploading was to submit them. Then the system said packages needed installing & I told it to go ahead, so perhaps it installed those packages twice. Feel free to look at my account, copy files, etc. if it will help you find bottlenecks. Cheers, Bob

Thank you for the report Bob. We definitely want to look into this in more detail - could you email the project urls to us at That will give us the info we need to get started investigating - and give us a way of communicating back & forth.