Performance Issue: RStudio + Windows 10

Hi All,

I am using RStudio Version 1.0.143 on Windows 10 with TERR Version 4.4.0. The system is 2015 Dell XPS 13 and has 8 GB of memory with Intel i5.

I am not performing any high performance or memory intensive task on this system. Using R, I am just editing my code that post process raw data to a excel specific format.

My issue is that the amount of "lag" I get is terrible. It feels as if I am running RStudio remotely on a dial up network. I have nothing else running on the system except a single tab in Chrome. The memory usage by RStudio and R Session is also not much.

Can somebody share why this is the case? Not everyone can have desired amount of RAM, so wondering if this is just me or RStudio is not good on Windows 10 + 8GB?

Before this I was on Windows 7 + 16GB + i7 and this wasn't the issue ever. I think, the system I have should be good enough for what I am doing.

Is 32 bit version on a 64 bit a bottleneck? TERR is 64 bit. I don't see 64 bit version for RStudio on Windows.

Please suggest any possible solution.

Chetan Arvind Patil

I have experienced lag like that only when I open a project that stored on a network share. You aren't editing on a shared drive, are you?


No. I am working locally.

It could be due to anti-virus or anti-Malware interfering with the process. Windows defender may have caused the problem. Please refer to the link
There is nothing wrong with the amount of RAM you have.

Personally I like running R and Rstudio on linux. Perhaps you should give it a try sometime.