Pearson Correlation in R

Hi everyone!

I need to do pearson correlation with two datatables. The data are:
Table 1 I have my biological information and table 2 I have the environmental information. I want to correlation this information. I tried to use cor.test (a,b, method = "pearson"). But it doesn't work. Somebody can help me?


Hi. What does your data look like? Can you provide a reproducible example?

a and b are columns in the data frame or vectors and they need to be of the same length.

william|, thanks for aswer! I put below a exemplo of my data:

Family S1 S2 S3
Acetobacteraceae 29 19 35
Acidimicrobiaceae 46 40 46
Bradyrhizobiaceae 16 6 8
Burkholderiaceae 34 22 31
Caulobacteraceae 1 5 0
Chitinophagaceae 24 14 23
Comamonadaceae 148 181 168
Flavobacteriaceae 20 16 28
Gaiellaceae 20 19 20
Hymenobacteraceae 44 39 50
Samples N total NH+4 NO-3 C.O M.O
S1 231 14 32 34 59
S2 210 98 39 24 42
S3 196 126 67 23 39

These are my two data table: The first table I have bacterial families and number of sequences of them. And the second table I have the physical parameters. As you can see, the samples in table 1 and 2 are the same, but I want correlate the biological data (families) with environmental data.

Thanks a lot,


Thanks a lot!

I don't think correlation is what you need for this problem and don't think it will work. You might need a different sort of test.

I assume that you want to figure out if the bacterial families are related to the physical parameters.

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