pdftools to import pdf into R

I have imported in a pdf document of 8 pages using pdf tools. I'm having trouble converting it from a character object into a dataframe where I can change the strings and search for patterns to convert into different columns

text <- pdf_text("DownloadJobFinancialReportPDF.pdf")


I've then tried to split each line using \r\n which breaks at the end of each line but when I try to save this object which is classed as a character, as a dataframe R closes down. So I'm obviously doing something wrong.

text2 <- text %>%
  str_split(pattern = "\r\n") %>%


chr [1:283] "Job Financial Report  

df %>% as_data_frame(text2)

Any help gratefully appreciated,
Many thanks in advance

I managed to make it work

write(text, file = "data",
write(text, file = "data",append = FALSE, sep = "\r\n")

saveRDS(data, "data.rds")
data <- readRDS("data.rds")

df <-  data.frame(data)

df$data <- as.character(df$data)

am sure there are easier ways though

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