Pdf Knit not working

I am a mac user and I am fairly new to Rstudio. When i try to knit the work into a pdf, the following message comes up in red:

/Users/jacobkelly/Library/TinyTeX/bin/universal-darwin/tlmgr: Maybe the repository setting should be changed.
/Users/jacobkelly/Library/TinyTeX/bin/universal-darwin/tlmgr: More info: Acquiring TeX Live - TeX Users Group
! LaTeX Error: File `siunitx.sty' not found.

! Emergency stop.
<read *>

Error: LaTeX failed to compile Writing-1st-paper.tex. See The R package tinytex - Helper Functions to Manage TinyTeX, and Compile LaTeX Documents - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉 for debugging tips. See Writing-1st-paper.log for more info.
In addition: Warning message:
In system2("tlmgr", args, ...) :
running command ''tlmgr' search --file --global '/siunitx.sty'' had status 1
Execution halted

I able to covert to html and word but I need to convert to pdf. Any help would be greatly appreciated

See if this link (https://yihui.org/tinytex/#maintenance) helps.

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