PDF handout generation for RMarkdown Beamer presentation

I'm looking for a template or other way to produce powerpoint-style handouts for RMarkdown beamer presentations. Specifically, the style with three slides down the left side and 6-7 lines for each slide on the right. The presentation looks good but no handouts. I generated the presentation in Powerpoint format but the result was a mess, graphics were dropped, formatting had to be recreated. What was impressive was how equations came over. They were flawless. Would that everything else was.

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Good question. I haven't seen a template to do that. I know it can be done in \LaTeX, and being sequestered at home is probably the optimal time to try!

UPDATE, a few minutes later, accompanied by dope slap.

Use patchwork. Plots on the left with text_annotate only plots on the right.

Technocrat - thanks so much. This looks really interesting! I'll surely give it a try and report back.

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