PDF file isn't being displayed after being knitting a Rmd file

I've recently switched from Windows to Linux. When I was working on Windows, a window automatically appeared when the output pdf file was created. On Linux, the new window is not appearing. How can I fix that?

Btw, the program is configured to show the output preview in a window and it works perfectly with HTML output files. Am I missing something? Should I install an extra software. I've already installed the full texlive distribution.

Unlike Win/macOS, that's normal behavior in Linux. knit creates a file in the current directory with the same basename as the .rmd file and extension as .pdf. I've never looked for a setting.

Then there's not a way to open it automatically? I mean, I can open it on my doc viewer every time I need to, but it's kinda annoying

When I'm knitting to pdf, I open the file in Ocular or another pdf reader. Then when I reknit, the changes are automatically reloaded.

then I'll install ocular

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