PCA with different colors

I have 24 different groups and for each group, there are 10 data points. For each data points, I have 6 different components. I want to do PCA with this having all the 240 points and all the 10 data points will be of the same color(but different points) and thus we will have 24 different colors. Can anyone help me with the code?

Take a look at the paletteer package (which includes a bunch of the R packages with colour palettes in them),

the palettes for which you can see in this repo here:

The ggsci package certainly seems to include palettes with n >= 24 (this is just a part of the full image which is in the repo linked to above). The ones with 20 in the title have 20 colours, so I'm guessing that _ucscgb and _igv have at least 24 in them:

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