PCA anlysis graph

I'm trying to draw a graph for a PCA analysis. This is my example R code:

data <- starwars
db_quali <- as.data.frame(starwars[,4:6])
db_quanti <- as.data.frame(starwars[,2:3])

pca_table <- PCAmix(X.quanti = db_quanti,
                      X.quali = db_quali,
                      graph = TRUE)
plot(pca_table ,choice="ind",label=FALSE,
     posleg="bottomright", main="Observations")

In my output graph data are visualized in black and I want to colour them according to data$gender . It is possible? how can I do?

I assume that you accidently omitted library(PCAmixdata)
if so, PCAMix provides coloring.ind parameter

Gender <- factor(data$gender)

plot(pca_table ,choice="ind",label=FALSE,
     posleg="bottomright", main="Observations", coloring.ind = Gender)

Sorry, I forgot PCAmixdata library.
Fantastic the colors are ok, but is there a way to move the legend outside the graph?

use par to adjust the margin size and disable clipping (xpd)
then you can replace "bottomright" posleg with a coordinate choice

plot(pca_table ,choice="ind",label=FALSE,
     posleg=xy.coords(2,-10), main="Observations", coloring.ind = Gender)

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