PBPK modelling and simulations

I am using mrgsolve package, a package for pbpk modelling

However, I stuck onto a problem. When writing down the parameters and equations for a model in a cpp file, I would like to have the option, to not use some parts of the model. That means to be able to select specific parts of the compartment each time I proceed to a simulation. I would also like to be able to decide automatically how many metabolites I will use without rewriting the equation for each metabolite every time. Is there a way to pack the code for a metabolite into a function and then use this function as many times as I want just by changing a few parameters or it is compulsory to separately rewrite the code(equations) for each metabolite?

Would this be possible or should I interfere with the main code of the package? How would you recommend me to proceed?

Thank you in advance for your response

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