Path to access images from a project?

After uploading an image to a project,
(first image at)

I would like to insert it into a rmarkdown document.

But I am struggling to identify the right path.
here() surprisingly does not help.

Cloud/project (what appears at the top of the File tab) does not work.

I feel like I am missing something obvious. Should I somehow use my workspace/projectname?

The path starts at /cloud/project/, see this example.

title: "R Notebook"
output: html_notebook


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Thank you!
Now working!

In retrospect,
I think the problem was caused by my looking at the file tab, and seeing that Cloud is capitalized (see below).
This is misleading.
I was trying to use (/Cloud/project/image.png) as the path.
Is there anyone at RStudioCloud who can fix this capitalization problem?


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