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Patent Assignees whose titles contain "databases"

Authors: Russ Allen, Chris Baker

Abstract: Top 75 Assignees of US Patents whose titles contain "databases", an Opensource success story

Full Description: Ok, so maybe this is not the most exciting table in the history of tables, especially amongst the fierce competition here, but lets see if anyone can beat the backstory. I am an R novice after being a java developer for a long time. (Calendarwise I have used R for over one year though the cumulative total would safely be under 365 days.)

I have an interest in patent data and became aware of the R patentsview API package written by Chris Baker. As a way to learn R, I am updating the package for an upcoming API rewrite. Working on my PRs has to be more work for Chris than if he did it himself but he's been most gracious about it. Some of the code that got merged is unrecognizable from what I submitted, yet, in the best commit message ever, Chris is giving me author credit: Add Russ as an author

I added Chris as an author here since he wrote the original version of our entry as part of one of the package's vignettes. In Chris' version the table is just an image as the vignettes are pre-computed but here we let users have all the fun of personally interacting with the table whose data came from the updated R package hitting a new version of the API as it is being developed.

There is code in the data-raw directory that did the actual data pull, dplyr manipulation and write to an rda file, using an API key as now required by the new version of the API. The data is also saved as a csv file.

Clearly Opensource_success_story evaluates to TRUE and I'm hoping to win a giant handful of hex stickers for Chris, as a minimal viable thank you.

Table Type: interactive-HTML
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Table: Patentsview Data - 2022 Table Contest Entry • tablesubmission
Code: GitHub - mustberuss/tablesubmission: 2022 rstudio/posit Table Contest Entry
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Languages: Built with R: true. Built with Python: false.
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Other packages: DT, patentsview, dplyr, devtools