PATCH /v1/content/{guid} not working on rstudio connect version: v1.8.4.2-2

I am currently using Rstudio connect version: v1.8.4.2-2. I would like to check on the RStudio Connect API: RStudio Connect API Reference, is this API available this version?

2nd Question: Is the GET /v1/content API available on my RStudio Connect version:v1.8.4.2-2?

I am not able to run the GET /v1/content from the code below:

result <- GET(str_interp("${app_guid}"),
# body = data, encode = "raw",
add_headers(Authorization = paste("Key", apiKey))

Please advice this issue. Thanks.

The best way to view the API documentation for your installation of Connect, is on your own Connect server, in the documentation page.

To view this page, log into your instance of Connect, click on "Documentation" in the top navigation bar, and then "Server API"

Once there, you can browse all the API documentation for your installation:

On my own installation of Connect, I can then browse the suggested R code snippet:


apiKey <- "your api key"

result <- GET("",
    add_headers(Authorization = paste("Key", apiKey)))

I have to guess a little about what's going wrong in your case, but here are a few things you could try:

  • Check that your URL is correct. The API documentation has the string /__api__/ but in your version you seem to have dropped the underscore characters.
  • Check that ${app_guid} gets interpolated correctly
  • Make sure that the apiKey has access to the piece of content you are querying

You don't specify whether you've been able to call any API on your server. If this is the first API call you make, perhaps diagnose step-by-step by calling a simpler API, e.g. GET /v1/content



I did include underscore (refer to the attached snippet) and has verified the ${app_guid} has interpolated correctly.

The reason of the question is I can get the experimental content with code follows:

result <- GET(str_interp("${app_guid}"),
              add_headers(Authorization = paste("Key", apiKey))

The code is working fine with GET /v1/experimental/content/{guid} and returned me a result, but not working on GET /v1/content/{guid}.

May I know how to enable the GET /v1/content instead of the experimental content?

As far as I know, you can't update the Server API without updating RStudio Connect entirely.

It seems to me that the Server API was upgraded from experimental to v1 in Connect v1.8.6. You can browse the different Server API documentation at All Documentation for RStudio Connect - RStudio Documentation, and the release blog at RStudio Connect 1.8.6 - Server API | RStudio Blog.


Hi Andrie,
Yes, I found that my RStudio Connect version does not support for the v1 Server API.
What are the considerations for upgrading the Rstudio connect?
My main concern is: Will the existing deployed shiny apps get affected? Is there any re-work needed for the upgrade?

For upgrade instructions, see Server Management - RStudio Connect: Admin Guide

Your existing deployment should not be affected.

However, it's really important to make sure you install R side-by-side, as per our recommendations. So take care when you install new versions of R - never use yum update R or apt update R.