Passing SQL Syntax parameter into R using glue::sql?

I'm currently trying to create a temp table or a table or a View on the fly using glue::sql.

I understand and know how to build up a sql query using glue by passing in R objects as parameters, however:

Is it possible to pass in an object that is converted into SQL syntax for creating a table?

for example my sql glue statement is the following:

sql_query <- glue::glue_sql(

    "create {create_type} some_table as
    select * from {`table_name`}

        ({`table_name`}._start_time >= {start}

        {`table_name`}._end_time <= {end})

        ({`table_name`}.type == 'internet'

        {`table_name`}._start_time >= {start}

        {`table_name`}.end_time <= {end} + 604800)

    .con = conn

I want to be able to pass a parameter such as 'TEMP TABLE' to {create_type} so that it will be able to become: "create TEMP TABLE some_table as...."

I have not seen any examples where this has been done, so wondered if it is possible?

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