Passing arguments to an Rstudio job

Is there a way to pass arguments to a job? I currently use {docopt} to parse command line arguments like "--verbose" etc. and would like to be able to set them when starting a job.

rstudioapi is a way of programattically starting jobs, it allows you to import the global environment when you start a job, so thats a way you can have values set

I can't just pass command line arguments in the "path", right?

There are ways to pass command line arguments when calling an R script from a OS commandline, but i think thats quite different from Rstudio Jobs. So i foucsdd on the job stuff over the command line passing, as i dont see the connection. Do you prefer to run a r application from an OS console, and not as an Rstudio Job?

There's some discussion of approaches here:

But the tl;dr is that if you are doing something formalized enough to have well-defined parameters, you might be better served by the callr package.

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