Pass character vector using textInput

I'm stumped over what I think should be a simple issue. Suppose I have a function, myFunction, that has an argument that is a character vector. Something like:

myFunction <- function(label = NULL){
x <- runif(10)
y <- runif(length(x))
z <- ifelse(x < y, label[1], label[2])

and in the R interpreter it yields the following expected result
myFunction(label = c('Hello', 'Goodbye'))

In shiny, how can I properly use textInput to also pass in a character vector equivalent to

c('Hello', 'Goodbye')

Entering those values into the text input box as a string is not giving the expected results in my reproducible code below.

ui <- fluidPage(
textInput("label", "Enter Labels", ""),

server <- function(input, output) {
result <- reactive({
myFunction(label = input$label)
output$result <- renderPrint({

shinyApp(ui, server)

Note, I can easily use a selectInput in this example, but those labels are arbitrary and can take anything the user would think of.

Thank you

Shiny doesn't know how you want to split the string into vector elements. You'll need to use strsplit yourself: strsplit(input$label, " ")[[1]] for example.

Yup, just tried that based on a similar post I saw on SO. I did it like this

result <- reactive({
labels <- unlist(strsplit(input$label, ","))
myFunction(label = labels)

It works, thank you Joe. However, is that "optimal". I hate having to recast things. Is there is widget that can intake multiple values in the UI from a textInput like box?