Pasajero_SOS Monitoring System - Shiny Contest Submission

Pasajero_SOS Monitoring System

Authors: Rafael Pacheco / Wendy Barrios / Adriana Lopez

Abstract: Robberies by bus happening in the last two hours at the time you log in to the app. From here you can report any alarm via whats up directly from the app making click on the GPS point using your cellphone. Alarm color change based on aging.

Full Description: Firstable: The app is showing an error when load but ignore it, go ahead and enter the password to log in.
password : sh-2021

The main objective behind the app is to aid people that commute by bus and their families. Here in my country(Guatemala) actually there is no way to know about robberies in public busses until those happened.

The app shared here is the visualization of alarms generated by another app(not uploaded in this contest because it is not finished). The app connects to a database to look for entries generated in the last two hours and show them to the user in order to take action, ed, contact to the local officers via whatsup message to let them know a robbery is happening, the message contains: GPS point, hour, heading, ip, and other useful information for the officers to put hands on work.

The visualization contains 3 levels. Red: which means there is a robbery that has less than 30 minutes, orange:which means it has less than an hour, and black color for those who have more than an hour.

In the app Im using DMI in :memory instead of my real database connection. I did no find a way to hide it so I made some points to use them to show the functionality of the app.

Keywords: Public Sector, Social tool, packages:DBI,RSQLite
Shiny app:
Repo: GitHub - me-rep/shiny_contest2021: shiny contest 2021
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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